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When I first started tracking my finances I didn't realize how much habits can cost



3 Habits That Cost Thousands


3 Habits That Are Costing You Hundreds Of Thousands... $1 At A Time

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We all have habits that we do daily or even weekly that cost us money. Most of the time they are really little, like a cup of coffee or eating out for lunch. But just how much do these innocent purchases cost us over time?

Let’s take a look into 3 everyday habits that sometimes can turn into much bigger monsters than we could ever imagine.

Little Habits Turn Into Big Costs

This is super important. What seems like only a small amount of money at the time, turns into a huge chunk of cash once that small purchase becomes a habit. The problem is that when we only do it once a day or even every other day we don’t think about it adding up.

If you don’t track your spending it really goes by unnoticed because these small habits are typically only a few dollars at a time.

A lot of people think that when it comes to spending, you really need to focus on the big things and not worry about the little things. I agree with that to a certain extent. If you mess up the big purchases like college tuition, cars, and houses then what you do with the small things isn’t going to matter much.

However, I would argue that we still need to pay attention to the small stuff because that’s where you can really waste a ton of money without even noticing.

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